How easy is it to do business with Freedom National?

You can get a quote and get your policy started right away by visiting clicking here to visit our quote page. You can get an auto quote on your own within just moments and print out Proof of Insurance once your payment has been submitted. Doing business couldn't be easier. Plus, now you can get a quote, access your policy or pay your bill from any mobile or web-enabled device!

What payment plans do you offer?

  • We offer the flexibility of many different payment options to make paying your insurance bill easier.Paid in full: In some states we offer a paid in full discount.
  • Monthly Payments: (Our most popular payment method). Pay a down payment and five (5) affordable monthly payments(semi-annual).

How long does it take to get my policy?

Instantly! Once your policy has been issued, you can access a copy of your policy, Proof of Insurance and other important documents right on our website 24/7. You will receive an email with instructions as soon as your documents are available online.

Are there any fees for a late payment?

Yes - If a payment is made past the cancellation date and time, a reinstatement fee will be added to your policy and you will incur a lapse in coverage.

However, late payments are not accepted in all cases. For example, a late payment may not be accepted on a certified (SR-22) policy or a renewal in certain states. To ensure continuous coverage, please make your payments on time.

How do I get my proof of insurance?

You'll be able to print ID cards as proof of insurance immediately after buying a policy online. We will also mail your permanent Proof of Insurance cards after your policy has been issued.

What coverages do I need?

The type of coverage you need is dependent on your specific situation. Freedom National will ensure that you receive the minimum coverage limits as mandated by the state in which you reside. These coverages will always include "Bodily Injury Liability" and "Property Damage Liability" that can protect you in a lawsuit arising from an accident in which you are being held responsible.

If you insure a newer model vehicle it is recommended that you include Comprehensive and Collision coverage on the policy. This coverage pays for the repair to your damaged vehicle (after a deductible) following an accident, theft or if your vehicle has been vandalized.

You can learn more about each individual coverage and policy options by visiting our Learning Center


The provided information above and safety suggestions are intended for informational purposes only. Freedom National and its affiliates assume no liability in connection with providing it or your use of it. Your circumstances may not warrant or require some or all of the safety suggestions, and there may be additional available safety procedures that are not referenced on this webpage.

I need insurance right away. Can you help me?

Yes! Click here to start a free online quote. It will only take a few moments of your time to see how much you can save on your car insurance with Freedom National.

What would cause my insurance premium to increase after I start the policy?

Sometimes it is necessary for us to adjust your rates after the start of the policy if anything changes from your original quote. Some of the items that may have changed include additional violations returned on the Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) or other underwriting reports, for you or a driver on your policy, or required forms not returned by the due date. If you notice a change in your premium and have additional questions regarding these changes please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department